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Angelite inspires you to actively seek and articulate your truth. By balancing the throat chakra, its celestial blue energy fosters harmonious relationships through compassionate communication. It helps release feelings of anger and blame, encouraging you to express your emotions even in challenging situations. When you speak your truth, the vibration of your words, aligned with your breath, dissolves tension.

Also known as ‘Blue Anhydrite,’ Angelite’s structure resembles angel wings. Its calming vibrations infuse peace and tranquility into the body, raising awareness and elevating consciousness to the celestial realm. It offers loving guidance and enhances your perception of angelic messages in their many forms.

Activating the crown and third eye chakras, Angelite heightens intuition and receptivity to psychic insights. Placed under your pillow, it aids in dream recall and helps you interpret their deeper meanings. For experienced mediums, Angelite’s Divine connection is a powerful tool for establishing contact with those who have crossed over.

Physical Characteristics
This medium to pale blue opaque stone, often speckled with white, is a dense and compressed form of Celestite, typically found in nodules or masses, sometimes containing tiny red Hematite inclusions.

Geographic Locations
Canada, Germany, Libya, Mexico, Peru, Poland and UK.

Metaphysical Properties
Balance, Calm, Communication, Divine Guidance, Dreamwork, Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Spiritual Growth

Zodiac Signs

Crown, Third Eye, Throat