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candle rituals for intention setting

Lighting a candle is an intentional act that invokes quiet, sacred space, magic and self care. It is a thing of beauty that can turn an ordinary space into something magical and sacred.

Think of the flame of the candle as a tiny representation of the sun. The sun represents life, generating energy and our own inner will and strength. As you send your intention into the candle, that energy of the flame is going to strengthen, build and send your intention out into the Universe!

what you need for a candle ritual

  • a candle (I like using tapers because you can carve into them, you can collect any dripped wax, plus they usually have a shorter burning time than a container candle, and I like to burn my candle within a day if possible)
  • a piece of paper and pen
  • not necessary, but you can use other ritual items like incense, sage, essential oils, crystals, etc to make your space feel more sacred

a step-by-step guide on how to perform a candle ritual

  1. Set up your SACRED SPACE by placing anything around you (or on your altar) that helps make your space feel magical. This could include flowers, crystals, a photo, more candles etc.
  2. CLEANSE + PURIFY the air by burning herbs, incense, diffusing essential oils or lighting beeswax candles. This is a great way to clear negativity and mental clutter
  3. GROUND YOURSELF by taking deep, slow breaths, feeling your energy descend into the Earth. This helps to quiet our minds, settle our energy and deepen our connection to Spirit, the Universe, God, Source (whatever your connection to the divine may be)
  4. MEDITATE upon your intention. Ask for CLARITY + 5. GUIDANCE surrounding any challenges or questions that are coming up for you. Listen for the answers; they are always within
  5. Once you feel very clear about what your intention is, write it down on your piece of paper. When writing an intention you want to be very CLEAR + SPECIFIC. Try not to be too long-winded; get to the point. (If you’re working with a taper candle, you can carve your intention right into your candle)
  6. Hold your piece of paper (or carved candle) at your heart and quietly meditate upon your intention.
  7. VISUALIZE your intention growing to fruition. When you feel ready, slide your written intention under your candle
  8. Remove any labels attached to the candle before LIGHTING YOUR CANDLE and continue to feel your intention growing and building. Sit in meditation for as long as you’d like.
  9. Before closing your ritual, always send massive GRATITUDE + BLESSINGS to our Earth who continues to support and nurture us through her ever changing cycles + rhythms
  10. Let your candle burn all the way down, or you can re-light every time you come back into meditation surrounding this intention.
  11. Once your candle has burned down, take your written intention (and any remaining wax) on a nature walk with you. You’re going to plant your intention as if you were planting a seed in the ground.* Once you’ve buried your intention give thanks + gratitude for all your blessings. I really love leaving an offering on top of my intention like a piece of fruit or nuts + seeds for the woodland critters. A small way of giving back.

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