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Let Us Explain Why You Should Switch To Beeswax Candles! No Shade to Paraffins ?

Beeswax Candles are adored for their gorgeous natural looks and many more countless reasons why do people choose beeswax candles as their preference, especially over paraffin candles.

We’ve summarised the top 7 Reasons for you!

1. 100% Natural
Nona’s Beeswax Candles are 100% natural, made from pure Australian Beeswax. They are naturally chemical and paraffin free.

2. Purifies the Air
Beeswax Candles are believed to release negative ions into the air, which, you know, it surely is a good thing. People with Asthma or Allergies find Beeswax Candles are non irritating.

3. Burns Cleaner
When burned properly (keeping wick trimmed and away from drafty areas) beeswax candles burn clean with hardly any soot or black smoke emission. So your walls won’t stain black, which can be very hard to remove!

All organic compounds when burned will produce some soot due to incomplete combustion. Beeswax has higher melting points than paraffin wax, meaning? It releases less soot.

4. Warm Glow
Beeswax Candles burn brighter with a beautiful warm glow. They emit a natural light of the same light spectrum as the Sun. This helps create the perfect ambience for a romantic dining or for a quiet moment of meditation, reading or simply when you’re enjoying some me-time moments soaking in a heavenly bathtub!

5. Pet-Friendly
Beeswax Candles will never caused any harm to your pets!

Many scented candles with synthetic fragrances could potentially irritate cats and dogs as they release toxins into the air which could be inhaled by pets and humans! Small animals are more sensitive in general to these toxins.

We know you would never hurt your fur-babies, even unintentionally! Hence, Nona only uses 100% natural unbleached cotton wicks.

6. Artificial Fragrance Free
Beeswax candles have a gorgeous natural subtle honey scent that makes them ideal for a dinner setting as they don’t emit a strong scent or a synthetic fragrance that would overpowered the smell of your well prepared dinner meals.

7. Sustainable
Beeswax is the least processed natural candle wax that is also 100% biodegradable. Many other candle options are considered less sustainable and more likely to burn much quicker than Beeswax.

Get yourself some gorgeous 100% Natural Hand-Rolled Beeswax Candles collections from Hello Nona Co., and experience the beauty and allure of Beeswax candles in your own home!

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