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The Power of Rough Crystals

The allure of crystals is a tale as old as time. I mean, for a start, they’re just damn pretty and sparkly, but they are also pieces of the earth that hold the knowledge and wisdom of millennia.  And at different times in our lives, different crystals will reach out for and speak to us.

A rough crystal is the purest form of crystal you can find.  If you feel yourself being drawn to the unaltered, untouched and unchanged beauty of natural crystals, you may be ready to dive deeper into your layers and your unique self.

What is the difference between tumbled and raw crystals?

While their innate abilities and energies are the same, to become the smooth, tactile stones we all know and love, tumbled crystals go into a tumbling machine for weeks on end – There is much debate over whether this causes some of their energies to be muted or lost – in our personal opinion we don’t believe this to be the case.

While some people think they don’t look as pretty as tumbled stones (although we beg to differ!), roughs are often more affordable and can be bought in larger sizes, because they require less intervention and “manpower” than tumbled stones.

It is thought rough crystals vibrate at the highest frequency and can offer you the chance to connect with the earth (and your inner self) in its most natural form.  Not only is a raw crystal a direct conduit to the most powerful source of grounding energy, stability and high vibrations, but the unaltered nature of a raw crystal also changes the way you work with its energy.

Depending on how we connect with them, crystals can be teachers, gentle guides or sparkling sages that tune us into our deepest truths and the energy of the world around us.  A raw crystal has imperfections, flaws and is truly as one-of-a-kind as we are.  This imperfection reminds us of our own unique nature and guides us to embrace who we truly are outside of the overly filtered, curated world we currently live in.

Honestly for us, rough, unadulterated natural crystals are usually exactly what we need to level up and grow on a deeper level.

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